Craig Morley for the GFNC Bird Group

Another eBird Global, this time very local, Big Day has come and gone.

Well done to the many members and friends of the Geelong Field Naturalists Club (GFNC) who participated and contributed within the constraints of the COVID-19 restrictions. It was really pleasing, and encouraging, to see new contributors getting involved. Whether this was the beginning of your eBird journey or the next step, may your use of eBird for bird records, be long and very enjoyable.

Despite our COVID-19 restrictions we gathered together…


121 species and123 lists for Greater Geelong:

Please follow each of the links …

Personally, it was very enjoyable and insightful to see ‘local’ lists coming in from gardens or the local parks or wetlands without them being swamped by ‘early start lists’ from the Western Treatment Plant, Werribee, as would usually happen without COVID-19 restrictions.

68 species and 18 lists for Surf Coast:

For Moorabool:

For Golden Plains:

For the state of Victoria:

And the Global total for 9th May 2020 stands at 6,479 species from more than 120,000 lists contributed by 50,072 participants ...

Thanks again to all who participated and contributed. It really was most pleasing and heartening to see so many GFNC members and friends involved.

The next opportunity to get out and enjoy an eBird Global Big Day will be in the austral spring in early October when, COVID-19 permitting, we can head out again and enjoy the spring migrants and everything that birding in spring has to offer!