Geelong Field Naturalists Club

The GFNC is a club for anyone interested in wildlife, plants, or conservation in the Geelong region.
The club holds monthly meetings (via a mix of Zoom and face to face) and excursions.
Most meetings have presentations from specialists in aspects of natural history and conservation.

Info on how to join is here

Events Calendar

Bird Group Excursion: Point Addis and Ironbark Basin
Thursday 27 April 2023, 08:45am - 01:30pm
This repeat is an exception to the normal repeat pattern
Contact Brad Ferrier 0438 690 064

Pt Addis is a wonderful location for field naturalists. There is interesting geology, zoology, mycology, entomology and of course botany. This excursion, however, we are here for the Birds.We will wander down both the Ironbark Basin Nature Trail and the Ironbark Track routes, observing the changing geology and botany and importantly the relevant bird life.

Location: Meet at the first car park 

Time: Departure 9.00 a.m. sharp. Please arrive at least 15 mins before our departure time so as to complete signing in and any other OHS requirements.

Toilets: Toilets are located down towards the sea end of Pt Addis Road.

Lunch: Lunch will be a communal affair at or near the car park.

Safety: Mobile phone reception is good. A first aid kit and defibrillator will be carried by a volunteer/s on the day.

Bring: Binoculars, spotting scope, camera, sunscreen, insect repellant, hat, sturdy footwear, clothes for all extremes of weather, field guides and importantly a chair if you are staying for lunch.

Location Point Addis