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The GFNC is a club for anyone interested in wildlife, plants, or conservation in the Geelong region.
The club holds monthly meetings (via a mix of Zoom and face to face) and excursions.
Most meetings have presentations from specialists in aspects of natural history and conservation.

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Club Excursion: Lakes Modewarre and Gherang Gherang
Sunday 19 March 2023, 09:00am - 02:00pm
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Lake Modewarre has long been known for its excellent diversity of bird species and with current high water levels, many water birds are present.  Blue-billed Duck, Musk Duck, Hardhead, Cape Barren Goose and Banded Stilt, as well as Hoary-headed Grebes in their 100s, have been recent highlights. Similarly, Lake Gherang is also full and is hosting a good range of birdlife. 

We will begin the day exploring the area at the end of Lewis Rd.  As well as water birds on the lake, the extensive revegetated escarpment is home to many bush birds. We can walk all or part way along a grassy track to the southwest side of the lake providing an opportunity to view plants, reptiles and invertebrates that may be about.   

Following this we will drive to nearby Lake Gherang on Atkins Rd and spend an hour or so exploring that area. In contrast to Lake Modewarre, this site is a permanent deep swamp with remnant heathy woodland around the edge. There may be the chance of a Latham’s Snipe or two lurking in the vegetation before they head north to breed.  We will then head to the Walton’s Rd (north) side of Lake Modewarre, just a short drive via the freeway, where we will spend another hour exploring.  Again, there is a grassy track through a rare brackish herbfield to a small rocky escarpment where we can look for reptiles, unusual basalt bombs and many other natural features.  

We will stop for a picnic lunch at this location at around 12.30 p.m. Toilet facilities are available here. 

Following lunch, for anyone who is interested, we may drive around to the eastern side of Lake Modewarre to either Taylors Rd or Batsons Rd. More extensive brackish herbfields occur here and Brolgas can sometimes be seen on this side of the lake.

Meet:   9.00 a.m. at Lewis Rd

Bring:  Picnic lunch, drinks (plenty of water recommended), snacks. Wet weather gear, enclosed shoes/boots (there may be snakes if it’s a warm day!), gum boots for the adventurous, hat, binoculars, camera, field guides, sunscreen and insect repellent. A telescope may be useful if you have one. We will provide two scopes on the day

Location Lake Modewarre and Lake Gherang
Note that all GFNC excursions are cancelled on days of Total Fire Ban.