Geelong Field Naturalists Club

The GFNC is a club for anyone interested in wildlife, plants, or conservation in the Geelong region.
The club holds monthly meetings (via a mix of Zoom and face to face) and excursions.
Most meetings have presentations from specialists in aspects of natural history and conservation.

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General Meeting: Late Pleistocene mammals
Tuesday 07 February 2023, 07:30pm - 09:30pm
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Tim Zeigler from Museums Victoria: "The Pleistocene megafauna fossil record of Geelong and the Western Districts"

The fossil heritage of Western Victoria is highly significant. This talk will present highlights of the Pleistocene vertebrate fossil record around Geelong and the Western Districts including Bacchus Marsh, Lake Colongulac, and Limeburners Point. Civic and scientific investigation has illuminated the diversity, ecology and lifestyles of Ice Age marsupial megafauna in this area since the mid-19th Century.

Location Zoom
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