Geelong Bird Reports 1986, 1987 and 1990 are now available: Editor, Rob Ganly.


The GFNC produced the first Geelong Bird Report, edited by Pat Russell, in 1984. The magazine is still going after more than 30 years - a remarkable achievement. However in the early years there were some gaps in the series. No reports were published in 1986, 1987 and 1990. Rob Ganly set himself the task of filling these gaps, using bird records from club newsletters, the Geelong Naturalist and several key GFNC members who were active bird-watchers and recorders in those years (why do I suddenly feel old).


This magazine in the series has now been completed and published. Congratulations to Rob on breaking the tape in the marathon. He's done a great job. The gaping hole in our GBR series has now been filled and the value of the whole set has increased. Perhaps no other natural history club in Australia has such a long and unbroken record preserved in print of its birds, their status, distribution, seasonal patterns, habitat use and breeding. It can be used now for education, bird study and conservation, and its value will only increase as time passes.


With all these endeavours, what seems to be a do-able task in the beginning turns into a massive effort. Those of us who've edited GBRs know this all too well. Well done Rob on your persistence and patience in pushing it through.

Congratulations also to the major contributors, including Craig Morley, Rob Mackenzie, Margaret Cameron and Gordon McCarthy. I think I can speak for all of us in saying we're delighted that these records hidden away in obscurity in our notebooks now see the light of day, to the benefit of all of us, the GFNC and the birds. ... Marilyn Hewish