Eight members of GFNC met bright and early at Steiglitz Courthouse at 6.00am on Saturday 12 December 2015 for a full day birding along the well-loved dry country route. The country was very dry indeed but with good company and many eyes and ears the team counted 115 bird species by the end of the day. Moving through the Brisbane Ranges, Anakie grasslands, You Yangs, Hovells Creek, Lara and the Limeburners Bay we covered many habitats and much terrain. Memorable experiences included Australian Owlet-nightjar and Crested Shrike-tit in 2 locations each, Rainbow Bee-eaters and Sacred Kingfishers at Wooloomanata, and large numbers of Yellow-tufted Honeteaters at Stony Creek Picnic Ground. Notable misses included most grassland birds (Skylarks, Bushlarks, Songlarks) no doubt due to the dry conditions. 6 of the members were able to stay for the entire day which was an admirable effort. We will be keen to see what 2016 brings along the same route.